A Budget Trip To the Andamans



We all want a trip to the Andamans. Well, at least once in a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to take a break from work for that much-needed time on the beach and some fun things that one gets to do on this island?

So, don’t let the budget bother you, for it does not always cost a bomb for a holiday on an island, and if you are dreaming of some time to spend on the Andaman island, read on for this article is all about what you can do to make a budget trip to the island.

Don’t worry, for you can still do all the things you wanted to do and yet not dig a hole in your wallet on your return from this island.

And with that, enough of talking, for we know you are excited, so let’s jump straight ahead and look at how to make a budget trip to the Andaman island.

Select Budget Packages

One of the first things that you need to do when booking a trip to the island is to choose things on a budget, knowing that you can still have fun on the island. To make your trip in budget to Andaman your most important thing to consider is the hotels. If you select a budget hotel which is not so expensive then your overall tour comes within your budget.

Know that in the end, it’s the places you got to see and things you got to do that matter and not really the hotel that you got to relax in at the end of the day with all its luxuriousness.

Look at the sunny side of it. A budget hotel that does not pamper you with too many luxuries will force you to spend more time out so that at the end of your holiday there are a lot more things you got to do and places you got to see!

Got me? There you are, and that said, Andamans has some of the best budget hotels which, though not lavish with spas and other forms of luxurious dining, are fairly good enough to stay and promise you the much needed time of relaxing you need at the end of the day.

Your budget to Andaman will vary upon


Ferry tickets
Entry tickets

Travel from Chennai to reduce the budget

So, how do we travel? Just the same thing you need to keep in mind as when you are booking your hotel.

Let’s start with your flight to the Andamans. It doesn’t hurt to wake up a little early or stay up a little late to choose a flight that is way out of your most convenient time, does it?

To get the lowest prices on flights we recommend travellers to come from Chennai. Chennai to Andaman tour cost is the lowest and within budget. Many travellers who come to Andaman Islands and are looking for a budget trip comes to Chennai first and from Chennai take a flight to reduce the overall trip cost.

Chennai is very nicely connected to the capital city of Andaman, Port Blair. You can take both ship and flight to reach Andaman from Chennai. Only drawback of ship is that it takes 3 days to reach Andaman from Chennai. Its better you take flight which will take just 2 hours to reach Andaman.

This way you will save on flight tickets which you can later use for food and activities in the islands.

We hope that now got you smiling and that said, let’s look at how we move about on the island. No expensive taxi services please.

Let’s look at this way. Spending less on your travel gives you more time to enjoy and explore the place as you get

And this should not be difficult when you are on a holiday in the Andamans, for this is an island that offers you transport in a variety of forms. There are autos that you can go about in, charging a fair fee, buses that you can hop in and ferries to go about from one island to another in.

And if you are on a solo trip, or a trip with friends, you can always hire two wheelers to have all the fun you need. Now that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

And when you are on Neil and Havelock island, don’t hesitate to pick a cycle. You’ll burn the calories and have fun as you explore the place all the same.

Choose the Right Cuisines

Andamans is an island of many cuisines. But the good news is that you don’t have to shell out the many bucks to enjoy the delicacies of this place.

Spend some time exploring and you’ll be surprised at all the cheap eats that you can enjoy so much that you could be spoilt for choice with the many options that you get in this place.

There are restaurants, street vendors, food stalls and so much more that you can enjoy everywhere. Seafood, continental, you name it and Andaman has just the right thing for when you are done with your fun and it’s time for your meal.

Don’t go to the famous Garden View restaurant for some good seafood when you are on Neil Island. The Hotel Kattabomman is one place where you can sit down to feast on a good Indian meal when you are done with the shopping in Port Blair.

And then there is the Welcome Restaurant and the Blue Cafe that you may want to try out when you are in Havelock island.

Affordable Activities

Having fun in the Andamans is not all about immersing yourself in expensive water sports like snorkeling, parasailing and scuba diving.

There are a lot of affordable activities that are equally exciting and enjoyable too, giving you the adventurous holiday that you need.

For one, you can spend time on the endless number of beaches that the island holiday brings, but don’t worry, that’s not all. Andamans has a lot of museums and other historical places that one can go sightseeing, like the cellular jail

Here one can spend some quality time with nature in various ways like bird watching, trekking and so much more that you are sure to come back with memories that leave you smiling.

So that brings us to the last point: choosing an affordable tour package. While planning a trip to the Andamans will mean coming across a lot of tour packages to get carried away in, remember that a budget tour package can also give a good holiday.

Now, Go Ahead And Plan Your Trip

So, you see, a holiday in the Andamans does not really demand a lot of money. You just need to go about wisely and you can have a wonderful time of sightseeing and many activities with your family.

If you are convinced, pack your bags, for you need the break, and this time it’s going to be an island which is none other than the most coveted Andamans.

Originally posted 2023-03-23 10:34:48.